Acne Scar Removal Treatment


Want a more relaxed and natural look without the worry about looking frozen? The Derm-Lift Program is a holistic approach for non-surgical skin lifting with the use of botulinum toxin. Precise microinjections of botulinum toxin injections are placed in the superficial layer of the skin to relax and release the muscles causing fine lines and wrinkles. Results are obvious within 7 days of the procedure and lasts for 4-6 months.


  •  Natural looking results
  •  Forehead/ Brow Lift
  •  Relaxes Facial Wrinkles
  • Facial Contouring
  •  Fast & Long-Lasting Results
  • Acne Clear Program
  • Skin Restore Program
  • Intence Luxe Brightening Program
  • Dark Eye Circles Program
  • Eye Rejuvenation Program
  • Skin Booster Plus Progam
  • V Face Progam

Program Includes:

  1. Upper face Botox
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