We all hate unwanted hair. That is the reason we call it “unwanted.” Regardless of gender, excessive hair on the body or face makes one self-conscious, annoyed, and anxious. Threading, shaving, waxing, plucking, tweezing are a few unwanted hair removal methods that demand your consistent time and effort. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a proven treatment to decrease unwanted hair. With a promise of a stubble-free life, laser hair removal is the contemporary choice for people to get rid of unwanted hair.

Earlier, this permanent hair removal was limited to women. But now, to get rid of the excess facial hair or to get that attractive beard look, men are also opting for this service. Science Of Skin offers advanced laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad that eradicates all your hassle of unwanted hair.

So, how does Laser Hair Removal work?

Unwanted hair growth is normal in women and men of all ages. To understand this permanent hair removal treatment at Science Of Skin, we need to know about the primary principle of laser hair removal – Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). Using this principle, a concentrated beam of light/laser is focused on the hair follicles. The laser next converts its energy into the heat and prevents the hair follicle from further growth. The specific wavelength of light and pulse is matched that resonates with your target area to eliminate hair with no/minimal effect on the surrounding areas.

The hair on a human body grows in three stages – anagen, telogen, and catagen. This Permanent Hair Removal Treatment is highly effective on the anagen stage.

But, what do you get by this Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Well, for decades, we bank on the conventional hair removal methods such as threading and waxing. In today’s busy world, running to the salon every week is a daunting task. Plus, it is not economical either. To that end, we came up with a useful and cost-effective laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad that promises:

  • No pain but all gain. During the procedure, you might face a little heat (no pain) from the laser on your skin. But hey, no more waxing. No more WAXING!! No more ouch(es) for being hair ripped out in waxing. Ladies, isn’t that our fantasy?
  • Ingrown hair is a complication that can occur after shaving or waxing. But, with this permanent hair removal method, the odds of getting ingrown hair are quite minimal.
  • Men out there, how does it feel to have no more razor burns and nicks? Hair Removal for Men is now in town to flaunt the perfect smooth toned skin with zero barriers. Hurray!!
  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment is precise. Period.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment at SCIENCE OF SKIN is done by professionals with highly hygienic equipment for accessible and affordable prices. Say goodbye to the razor and welcome laser!