Skin Lightening


Bring back the brightness on your skin like never before with a skin lightening treatment.

Skin lightening has become one of the most demanding skin care services in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. Skin Lightening Treatment in Hyderabad and other metropolitan cities have given some unparalleled services to many clients. The results are proven and scientific.

Laser Toning Technique:

Our skin is affected due to many reasons like tan, pimples, acne, etc. This results in low-confidence and disrupts the appearance too. Skin lightening treatment can help you get that bright tone of your skin back using the Q Switched NdYag laser. What’s stopping you now?

Advantages of Skin Lightening :

The primary objective of skin lightening treatment is to get that bright and bold complexion back to your skin. Post the treatment, your skin has an even tone and the pigmentation starts to fade. The skin makes you look young and feel confident with a unique rejuvenation technique. The best skin lightening treatment in Hyderabad has gained a huge number of clients and the results were promising like no other. This is due to technology and effective treatments in terms of time and results.

Before and after images

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Pigmentation is often disturbing as it affects your confidence apart from your appearance. Your skin might get dull because of many reasons such as tan, pimples, acne etc. but, we are here to bring back its natural glow using the Q Switched YAG laser which adds an extra charm to your face.

The main objective of this treatment is to bring back the healthy complexion to your skin. Even skin tone with the elimination of pigmentation from the core is beneficial after effect of this treatment. Apart from giving you a bright skin and healthy complexion, this treatment also rejuvenates your skin making you look young and youthful.

Our Experts

Dr. G. Aparna Krishna Snigdha  (Consultant Dermatologist)


Dr Pavithra.B
(Consultant Dermatologist)


Dr Grandhi Mohana Lakshmi
(Consultant Dermatologist)


Dr. Pendyala lakshmi mounica
(Consultant Dermatologist)

Mbbs, MD. DVL Diploma in aesthetic medicine from american academy aesthetic medicine , usa

Dr Lavanya Ambati
(Consultant Dermatologist)


Dr Divyaparimala Muppirala
(Consultant Dermatologist)



I’m very happy with the results thank you very much to science of skin, Thank You Dr.Sruthi
Have been really impressed with the treatment so far I can see a good improvement in my acne thank Dr.sruthi and team
Dr.Sruthi is very interactive, tries to go to care of problems through many questions nice ambience

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