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When is the Best Time to have a Hair Transplant in Hyderabad?

hair transplant in hyderabad

Hair – the prized possession for generations. There are many reasons for hair loss such as genetics, pollution, dandruff, stress, vitamin deficiency, and hormonal imbalance. And, many of us have also tried tens of home remedies for hair loss yet ended up with disappointment. But, lucky us, the hair transplantation treatments have got our back. As our Mikkel Neilsen in Dark said, the question is not about where or how but rather when!

For a successful hair treatment clinic in Hyderabad, timing is everything. Many hair loss victims tend to go for it as soon as the thinning begins. In many cases, the hair can progress with little tweaks. If the surgery is done in a rush, the results could be unsatisfactory or compromised. Any kind of hair transplant procedure is not recommended when a patient with limited donor area density does not meet the extensiveness of the balding pattern in an essential way. Therefore, we need to first know when is the best time to have a hair transplant.

Shall we?

➔ The Degree of Baldness: Sounds weird? Well, it is not. In a hair transplant treatment, the surgeon actually measures the amount of your baldness on the scalp via a Hamilton Norwood scale. It helps in deriving the stage of your hair loss. The higher the level, the greater the amount of hair loss.

➔ Age of the person: Age is not just a number. Not at least here. Most often, a hair transplant in Hyderabad is not done if an individual is below 25 years of age. Due to two reasons. One, it can cause a “shock loss” where the existing healthy hair is damaged in the transplantation process due to close proximity. Two, there may be weak hair that is genetically programmed to fall out but should be completed by the age of 25. It has to be noted that each person is different and the average benchmark for hair transplant surgery is over the age of 35 because at this point the hair loss will be stabilized.

➔ Cost: The cost of a hair transplant highly depends on your treatment type, chosen clinic, and the number of grafts that need to be transplanted. We suggest you undergo this surgery when you believe you have enough funds without breaking the bank. End of the day, you can sleep with no hair on your head rather than no food in your stomach. Speaking in numbers, it ranges from 40,000 – 1,00,000 INR.

➔ The Recovery Time: While there is no defined time period, it is essential to note the recovery time for a hair transplant as we all have to return to work or whatever we do. After your hair transplant surgery, your scalp could be tender. Plus, you might have to be on medication for a while. You’d also have to wear bandages over the donor area for a day. Mostly, the patient can resume their work in 2-5 days after the surgery. But, it takes a minimum of six months to see hair growth. So, check your schedule and go for it.

A hair transplant treatment is not a now-or-never thing. The one who has seen you this way would see the new you. Thus, the Science Of Skin Clinic suggests you proceed with the treatment when you are physically, financially, and mentally stable and sound.

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