Acne Scar Removal Treatment


Do you wish to get rid of your dark eye circles?
Dark eye circles are of the most common cosmetic concernsthat many individuals have. Dark eye circles can arise from pigmentation, tear trough depression on the lower eyelids, sagging skin or a combination of all of the above factors. The Dark Eye Circles Program address these concerns with a safe and effective peel treatment. A longlasting soft and natural hyaluronic acid filler restores the tear trough deformity, leaving you looking and feeling more refreshed


  • Improve Appearance of Dark Eye Circles
  • Reduces Pigmentation
  • Skin Texture Refinement
  •  Volumizing Tear Trough Depression
  • Acne Clear Program
  • Skin Restore Program
  • Intence Luxe Brightening Program
  • Eye Rejuvenation Program
  • Skin Booster Plus Progam
  • Derm-Lift Program
  • V Face Progam

Program Includes:

    1. Clears with peel treatment
    2. Volumizes with Fillers treatment
    3. Hydrating Facial Mask (from Korea)

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