Top 5 Reasons for Hairfall

They say your hair defines you and we could not agree more. Hair is one of the prominent features in defining one’s beauty. For this reason there are tens of articles of “5 things your hairstyle says about you?”

On average, a human loses almost 80 to 100 strands which is completely normal. But, if you think your hair loss has exceeded its limit or found any bald spots, well, that can be an issue. Before we acquire hair fall treatment through any methods, we need to figure out the reasons for your hairfall. Shall we?

Hair fall is not just genetic and diet, there is so much in between!

Stress: Yes! STRESS and hair fall are related. Both physical and mental stress can literally disturb your hair cycle. Any kind of physical trauma, chronic illness, or accidents can cause a temporary hair fall. On the other hand, emotional stress like separation in a relationship or job loss can also contribute to hair fall in both men and women. Mental stress does not actually precipitate hair fall but ignites the problem.

Hereditary: Genetics is the root of the human race. Thus, it is no wonder that it is yet another reason to lose hair. If the problem runs within the family, odds are it could happen to you as well. In this case, it is advised to visit a dermatologist near you and opt for suitable hair transplant treatments or any other treatments he/she suggests.

Weight Loss: Well, losing weight makes us feel more radiant. But a drastic change on the scale definitely takes a toll on the health of your hair. While on our craving journey for the size zero or six-pack abs, some of us tend to keep few minerals and vitamins a little far. These kinds of eating habits result in nutrition deficiency which first shows in your hair by losing strands.

Hairstyling Treatments: Who wouldn’t fancy the poker-straight hair with blunt bangs? One of the major reasons for hairfall is extensive over styling and hairstyles. With exposure to heat either by straightening or curling and hairstyles like tight braids can lead to tragic alopecia further leading to baldness.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormones love messing up our lives. Any hormone deficiency brings drastic changes to your body and mind. In this case, hormonal imbalance kind of provokes the hair follicles, undermines the strength of the roots, and eventually result in the hair loss.

Honestly, the reasons for hair loss list is endless. A single vitamin supplement or food item alone cannot stop your hair from falling out. There are solutions like hair transplant treatments that offer natural results without any side effects. Hop on the internet and look for the best hair transplant doctor near you.

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